The TeamUp App

TeamUp is an online calendar and scheduling app that we will be using to help with assigning singers to gigs this season. Use and updating of this app is mandatory. We book performances based on your availability (or, NON-availability, to be more precise).

This app is free to you. TVC is paying a subscription for you to utilize this service. Please enter your non-available dates and times soon, so that we have an idea who is available for performances. Be sure to include your Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day availability.

Step One – Accessing TeamUp

Each of you will have an individualized web address you can put into your web browser. I suggest you bookmark it so that you don’t have to keep referring to this web page.

There is also a free phone app, called Teamup. You can get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play

The mobile app will ask you for a personalized code. That code is the same as the code you see in your web address (starting with k). If you need your web link/code, please contact Michael.

We need to know when you are NOT available.

Here’s the way it works. I get a gig request. Before I can submit a bid, I first have to know that I actually have a full SATB quartet available in that area. Or, I need to know to bid higher if I know I need to bring someone in who will be getting a travel reimbursement.

I look in TeamUp for each voice part, and see who is not available, so that I do not assign you to the gig. The system will actually deny me access to you if I try to add you to a gig and you have blocked off the time. That’s why we do non-availability instead of availability.

This is what I see when I look at a date. Depending on your entry, it tells me a start and end time that you have a conflict, or it just blocks off the whole day.

Step Two – Adding a NON-Available block

Enter your non-available date and time blocks for weekdays, weeknights, and weekends.

To add a new Unavailable block in the desktop version:
1. Go to your calendar’s site in your web browser.
2. Click on the date you need to add the block.
3. If you’re me, you would enter “Michael Chadwick Unavailable” in the Event Title field at the top (use your name, not mine, obviously)
4. Choose ‘All Day’ (clicked by default) if you are unavailable all day.
5. If only unavailable for a portion of the day, uncheck that box and enter the start and end time you will be unavailable during that day. Remember to add in travel time, so if your obligation ends at 4pm, enter 5:00 or 5:30 depending on where that obligation is. If you say you’re available from 6pm on, we need to be able to book you for a gig with a 6pm call time.
6. If your unavailable block repeats, click the “Repeats” box and use that to create multiple instances of your block. Each or all can be edited. Remember to set an end date for the repetition. I still see some repeated entries from 2018 in there right now!
7. Click the “Save” button

To add a new Unavailable block in the phone app version:
1. Open the app
2. Tap the green + sign to add a new block
3. Enter “Michael Chadwick Unavailable” as the Title.
4. Toggle the All-day button if you’re unavailable all day that day.
5. Or, select a start and end time (see the instructions above to determine times)
6. Tap the check mark to save the ‘event’ as an unavailable block.


  • Enter day, night, weekend non-available dates (and times if just a segment of the day) for any day between and including Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Include travel to and from times for those blocks. That travel time for you is also a time where I cannot book you for a gig. So, if your conflict is 4pm-8pm but you’re traveling an hour from home each way, block off 3pm-9pm.
  • If you have a soft-hold but are flexible (teaching private lessons, for example) then let me know that in the title with “Soft Unavailable”.
  • Keep TeamUp updated! Singers have been fired in the past when they didn’t do so, because I will not call, email, or text you to ask if you’re available. I will look at TeamUp. If TeamUp tells me you’re available, I will bid on the gig and assign you to it if we are hired. If you then come back and say you cannot do the gig, you might be removed from the roster.