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Because we book singers when you sign your contract, we require a retainer to hold a particular booking date or dates. This retainer is applied fully to the overall fee. The full fee is due prior to the commencement of the first performance. We accept cash, check, and the four major credit cards. Payments by check should be made out to The Village Carolers, 6 Nantucket Court, Medford NJ 08055. Due to problems we have had with purchase orders in the past, we no longer accept purchase orders for new clients. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Chadwick Creative Arts, LLC oversees The Village Carolers and carries both Commercial Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance policies for any accidents which are the fault of members of The Village Carolers. General liability insurance to cover any performance in your venue must be supplied by you, the client.

We understand that sometimes performances have to be cancelled by our clients for various reasons including financial or weather issues. However, because we book our singers and they reserve a date for which they cannot get another performing job in most cases, the following policy is in place. If a performance is cancelled by the client more than sixty (60) days prior to the performance date, the deposit is forfeited, but no other fee is due. If a performance is cancelled by the client less than sixty (60) days prior to the performance date, the full fee will still be due. If for any reason a valid, contracted performance is cancelled by The Village Carolers (which has never happened), the retainer and any other payments made by the Client would be returned in full.

A fully executed contract is required before we reserve singers for your performance. That means both a signed contract, and receipt of the retainer. Until both are received, there is no valid contract for your performance. Clients have gone as far as actually advertising we would be there, before they fulfilled the contract, and then ended up losing the performance because our singers got booked elsewhere. It is vital that you fully enact the contract, with both the signature and the retainer, prior to advertising that we will be appearing for your event!

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