Can you be amplified?

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We typically sing without amplification, especially if we’re strolling during our performance time. However, we do have access to an amplification system for use upon request. We have a limited number of systems available, so use of amplification must be reserved in advance, is subject to a small surcharge, and is subject to availability.

We respectfully suggest you try not to use amplification if your intention is to have the carolers be environmental, or background, in nature. We have found that for certain types of events where we are not actually featured, such as cocktail or corporate parties, people tend to just speak over us. This is also true with festivals and events where multiple groups might be performing. If we sing louder in order to be heard, everyone just talks louder, and it turns into a battle that no one enjoys. So, please learn from the past experiences of others: if we’re actually featured as performers, amplification might be appropriate. If not, we do not recommend amplification.

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