Can we hire you for less than an hour?

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While we fully appreciate that you only may need us for 15 or 30 minutes, we have to still pay our performers the rate for a full hour. The reasons for this policy are:

1) All four singers must travel to your location from wherever they are. Sometimes this can be well over an hour away.
2) They must get into costume.
3) They then perform for your event, and finally;
4) They travel sometimes over an hour to return to where they came from.

For each singer, this is not a 15 or 30 minute commitment of time. It is at least two hours, if not more. Additionally, other clients are often requesting carolers and whenever we book a performance, those singers are lost to our use for that period. This usually means they miss out on another performance opportunity that same day.

For these reasons, we have a one hour minimum fee. We hope you understand, and we look forward to singing for you!

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