Brent Morden

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Brent MordenBrent A. Morden is a New York-based composer, arranger, conductor, singer, actor, and educator.

His work has been described as “thrilling,” “didn’t fail to entertain,” and “successfully pairing the comedic and the compelling.” Playfully known among peers as a musical Swiss Army knife, Morden’s diverse creative background lends him a unique voice that blends and transcends genre. Highlights of Morden’s career include conducting the premiere of his wind ensemble piece Fell Swoop at Carnegie Hall (Mar. 2019), composing & music directing new rock musical Infernal (2021), and assisting acclaimed music director Rob Fisher. Currently, Morden works as Program Manager for Every Voice Choirs and teaches at From Stage to Screen in Huntington, NY. Morden graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music (magna cum laude), where he served for two years as a Resident Advisor. In his spare time, Morden enjoys weightlifting & running in the park.

Morden has sung bass with The Cecilia Chorus of New York, The Teachers College Community Choir, and Christmas Matters Holiday Carolers. Morden sung extensively in college, performing vocal jazz with his a cappella group Uptown Vocal and premiering his peers’ new music compositions. Nowadays, Morden also freelances as a choral ringer in the NYC metro area and provides audio engineering services for virtual choirs.

Since June 2019, Morden has acted in a variety of stage and screen productions in the NYC Metro Area. Highlights include a regionally-touring Cinderella (Prince Charming/Plaza Theatricals), A Sketch of New York (Ensemble/ Producers Club Theaters), and the lead in indie dark comedy film Bullshido (Dexter/dir. J. Riviere). Morden has also appeared on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and performs STEM educational videos for kids through Blue Studios.

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