Erik Potteiger

Erik PotteigerErik Potteiger is a professional singer, percussionist, pianist, and composer currently based in Reading, PA. He received his Bachelors of Music in Choral Music Education and Vocal Performance from the University of South Carolina. Erik has performed vocally as a bass in ensembles and solo setting across a plethora of cities and states in the US, as well as eight countries across three continents. A few of the professional vocal ensembles Erik currently sings for include the 2018-2019 Voces8 Scholars Program Ensemble (London, England), The Cathedral Singers (Columbia, SC), The Cecilia Ensemble (Augusta, GA), Coro Vocati (Atlanta, GA), and The Red Shift (Baton Rouge, LA). He studied voice under Walter Cuttino and Jacob Will, as well as choral singing and directing under Joel Scraper, Alicia Walker, and Larry Wyatt.

Category: Bass

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